Watch James Eager Play Live Up-Close

Watch Bass Player James Eager Play Live Up-Close

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In this blog post I'm going to share a super exclusive 25 minute 'bass cam' style video of me playing live - so if you want to discover more about "James Eager Bass Player" make sure watch this video.This video is live, unedited, raw... and fundamentally you'll see me doing exactly what I love to do as a bass player ...

3 Tips On How to Set Up Your Bass Guitar Amplifier

James Eager Bass Guitar Equipment

Hey Groove Masters,James here...Let's talk gear!Having a great sound on a gig is key to making sure we feel inspired and play our best on gigs.DiallingĀ in just the right toneĀ can be tricky and takes experience.... especially when out on the road.A few simple adjustments can be the key thing that makes all the difference.  In this video lesson, I share ...