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[NEW] Texas Blues Jam Backing Track Album 

12 Tailored Backing Tracks Just For Bass Guitarists That Will Give You The Feeling Of Playing With A Top Authentic Blues Band!

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Tailor Made Backing Tracks Inspired By The World’s Greatest Blues Artists

If you love the Texas blues, or you want to add this inspiring music genre to your playing, then this is for you.

The Texas Blues Jam Backing Track album is a collection of soul-stirring backing tracks inspired by some of the most memorable blues songs from the movement’s greatest artists.

Names such as B.B. King, Etta James and ZZ Top are among the soul-rich performers who have inspired this collection of 12 backing tracks, which will let you feel what it’s like to play along to some of their legendary songs.

Tracks inspired by The Allman Brothers, Sonny Black, T-Bone Walking and The Blues Brothers also feature on this backing track album, along with songs inspired by Smokin’ Joe Kubek and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

The Texas Blues Jam Backing Track album is ideal for creating inspiring and memorable bass lines that will captivate your family and friends. They will stir your soul with their depth and power.

With 3-5 levels of bass lines throughout the album, it’s ideal for players of all levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. And it covers different styles within Texas Blues.

Here’s How It Works – And The Reason Why It’s So Effective

Each backing track has two versions – with bass guitar, and without bass guitar – which means you can choose to play alongside the bass sounds or take the lead on your own.

Every song in this collection of world-class backing tracks uses our ‘Groove Level System’, which works like this:

Each title follows the main section of the song, which is then repeated during the track so you can drift deeper into it without being distracted by the need to follow complicated forms and structures. 

Each track gives you 3 – 5 uniquely tailored bass lines or ‘Groove Levels’. Step by step, each bass line creates more musical involvement in every song – and the fun progressively builds.  

The ‘Groove Level System’ shows you how to take bass grooves from…

·       Simple to intense

·       Straightforward to complex

·       Laid back and minimalist to busy and full-on

The ‘Groove Level System’ frees you from having to play the same old bass lines over and over and instead gets you playing like you’re in a band.

It’s a breakthrough many of our students make when they use our backing tracks. And we’ve sold thousands of our backing track albums with the Groove Level System, so it’s had a big impact on bass players the world over.

When you use The Texas Blues Jam Backing Track album, you’ll find every example in the PDF workbook that comes included. There’s even the option to follow James as he plays each track in the performance videos. All of this means you’ll never get lost when you play alongside.

The Texas Blues Jam Backing Track album has been created by bass players (James Eager and Simon King), for bass players. There’s nothing else on the market like it for bass guitarists.

It’s more than a collection of backing tracks inspired by the best Texas Blues artists. It’s a doorway to developing the same ‘musical gears’ the pros have.

This Is What You Get With Texas Blues Jam For Bass Guitarists

● 12 professional-level backing tracks WITHOUT bass guitar so you can play along as if you’re in an authentic Texas Blues band. The order of songs goes from simpler tracks (for beginners) to more challenging (ideal for intermediate and seasoned players).

● 12 ‘Guide’ tracks where you can hear each ‘groove level’ so you know what to target in each song.

●  All tracks come in an easy-to-download album.

●An easy-to-follow 50-page workbook (downloadable PDF) with standard notation, tablature and chords for each track and each ‘level of groove’.

     - Over 40 Individual, authentic blues bass lines to learn from start to finish 

● Instant digital access via the eBassGuitar member’s area so you get jamming right away and use the album on multiple devices

● SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: 50% off the regular price – you can have everything listed above for only $49.95, not the usual $99.95 – but only until 31 October 2022.

Here's what students are saying about eBassGuitar

"It was a super easy value proposition for me!"

- Jane (USA)

"James has a wide range of ability to show complex things in a simple way"

- Drazen D.

" James is just a great tutor. He explains things spot on. He doesn't show off."

- Kev P.

" James gets to the point and gets you playing with in minutes!.."


" You don't take anything for granted. You teach people how to play the right way and help to get rid of bad habits from the beginning. You are available to your students, and we don't need to pay a fee to email or talk to you. That is huge."

Jeff Schommer

"I have attempted to learn bass on my own for over 2 years with little success. I can honestly say I have learned more from this book (with a better understanding) in three weeks than I have in the last two years and I am less than half way through the book. I may be a slow learner 75 years old, but my expectations of becoming a bassist is becoming a reality."

Jerry S.

" I had been following a few other online instructors and it became infirmation overload! Your videos have broken down the lessons into bite size chunks. This makes the learning curve a lot easier to handle... Your videos are just the right length of time and I don't feel overwhelmed by the pace you have set for your lessons. I have developed a lot more confidence in my playing ability..."

- Joe

Want To Play The Best Texas Blues Like a Pro?

You’ll be exploring new sounds and feelings whenever you pick up the bass with the backing tracks on the Texas Blues Jam Backing Track album. If you’ve been going over the same old bass lines, you’ll feel like you’ve run into an open paddock after bursting out of a cage. You’ll never be short of bass-playing inspiration.

If you’ve already got some knowledge of bass blues you’ll be up and running straight away. And we’ve developed this album so you’ll be playing quickly, even if you’re a beginner.

Whether you’re a new starter or seasoned player, you can download everything instantly and get jamming right away.

And if you’re not happy with the Texas Blues Jam Backing Track Album, our Student Satisfaction Guarantee means you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. Let me know why you’re not happy (just email me: [email protected]) and I’ll refund your payment.

Personalize Your Order

Want to jam along with James? Get the optional ‘Performance Tracks’ videos for an extra £19. You can watch James play along to each track so you’ll see exactly what to do.

And if you prefer a CD over digital downloads, once you've ordered there's an option to upgrade to a CD option free. We just ask you to cover the shipping and we’ll send it to your door.

Get Playing The Texas Blues NOW

Now’s the time to grab your copy of the Texas Blues Jam Backing Track Album. It’s yours for only HALF PRICE at $39.95 – but only until 31 October, after which it returns to its regular price of $99.95.

Stop trawling YouTube for the classic Texas Blues songs you love. Build your bass skills and cruise to the enjoyment of playing along to professionally developed and custom-made backing tracks inspired by the greatest Texas Blues artists.

Click the button below and start playing the best Texas Blues right away!


How many tracks come with Texas Blues Jam For Bass Guitarists?

There are 12 separate tracks and each track has 2 versions: a ‘Guide’ track with the bass guitar, and a version without the bass guitar.

If I choose the CD option for the 50-page workbook do I still get the PDF?

Yes, and you can download it immediately when you buy Texas Blues Jam for Bass Guitarists. Many of our students like to buy CD-based versions of our products which is why we offer them.

What are the performance tracks?

The performance tracks are 12 videos where you can see James from eBassGuitar playing each track from the album. This will help inspire you and show you exactly what to aim for, level by level, with each song.

What skill level do I need to get the most from these backing tracks?

The tracks are carefully designed to work with all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

We’ve arranged each backing track in order of complexity. The tracks at the start of the album are simpler and work for bassists who are starting out.

As you work your way through the album the tracks get more challenging and are perfect for intermediate to advanced players – and moving from one track to the next is a great way to build your bass skills.

What if I buy Texas Blues Jam For Bass Guitarists and I find it’s not for me?

As with everything we do here at eBassGuitar you’re 100% covered by our 30-Day Student Satisfaction Guarantee. Within 30 days of your purchase, if you discover it’s not working out for you, I’ll return every dollar you paid. Just let me know why you’re not happy with a quick email to [email protected] (because we always want to learn from our students).

That’s the way we roll at eBassGuitar… At the end of the day, if you don’t want me to have your money, I don’t want to take it.

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