The 7 Minute Walking Bass Scale Trick

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Hey, James here…

So we’re finally starting to get settled into our new home in the New Forest in the UK…

The boxes are finally getting emptied… and it’s only the garage left to attack… before I get my hands dirty (quite literally) repainting the house.

So this week's lesson is another not so long back on Facebook… but it’s VERY powerful.

Over I’ve seen so many students practice scales… but struggle to make music from them.

They often remain as these ***boring*** technical exercises that one ***should*** practice.

But that’s really not the case… once you know exactly how to use them.

In this lesson I’m going to explain why the construction of a typical scale isn’t conducive to making great bass lines.

… and more importantly the ‘trick’ to getting them to work in the real world.

See you in the new studio soon!

Keep groovin’ hard,


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