How To Create A Simple Practice Routine On The Bass Guitar – YT148

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Hey, James here…

If I ask a student what their biggest challenge is when it comes to becoming a better bassist… about 50% of the time there's one answer I get:

I don’t have enough time.

… and 9 times out of 10 when I dig a bit deeper I find that’s B.S.

Time isn’t the root of the problem at all.

It’s simply knowing where to start and creating a routine or habit.

Here’s the thing... you can make progress on the bass guitar even if you’ve only  got 15-20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week.

That’s half of a terrible TV show Vicky (my partner) watches most evenings… and I “put up” with.

… and I haven’t found a student yet who can’t find 20 minutes to spend some quality time with their ‘low end lover’ (or bass guitar)

In today’s lesson I’m going to share a ‘practice formula’ I’ve used since my days at music college.

It’s simple and highly effective.

What’s more it works if you’ve got 15 minutes or 15 hours a day!
Also… make sure you let me know what your biggest challenge is when it comes to practice - I’d love to find out - let me know in the comments below!

Keep groovin’ hard,


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