The One Minute ‘Sexy Note' Bass Hacks – YT150

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Hey, James here…

So last week I interviewed the incredible British bassist Ian King and he is an absolute master of adding those ‘sexy notes’.

You know those subtle little bass notes which make your jaw drop.

In the interview he also mentioned a device he uses called ‘The Major Blues Scale’.

Here’s the thing… adding the sexy notes isn’t hard.

All you need to know is what note to add in and over what scale.

So in this lesson I’m going to take you through my 5 favourite ‘sexy notes’ and show you Ian’s Major Blues Scale.

What’s more this stuff is straight forward too...each one will take you literally a minute to learn.

Also… make sure you answer the question at the start of the video in the comments… I’m planning something 😉

Keep groovin’ hard,


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