Think You KNOW Slap Bass? Try This Bass Lick! – YT216

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Hey, James here…

On Thursday we held a super cool live Bass Lab PLUS workshop with top British bassist Paul Geary.

Paul has pinned down the bottom end with the legendary UK artist Nik Kershaw since 1998… 

In the workshop Paul demonstrated his slap bass line for the 1984 hit ‘Gone To Pieces’...

Two things struck me when I heard this bass line:

  • This is the benchmark of what’s required to play slap to professional level in a song / bass line context
  • If you can understand all the ‘slap rudiments’ in this bass line you’ll have all the understanding to work out 90% of slap bass parts.

So in this week’s lesson I’m going to put a bit of a challenge out there and encourage you to ‘test your slap bass skills’.

Please learn the bass line (at any tempo you wish) and rate your slap bass skills in the comments below the video.

If you’re feeling especially brave… even make a video and post it in the comments!



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