Voices of Yorkshire Victoria Theatre Halifax

Why I Play The Bass & The Voices of Yorkshire

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In this blog post I want to share an insight into why I play the bass and a truly memorable gig I played with the Voices of Yorkshire.

This was originally a Facebook post I shared on my personal Facebook feed and in this blog I also share some live videos taken from the 'bass chair'.

This gig was truly a special experience and reminded me why I do what I do.

Voices of Yorkshire Victoria Theatre Halifax

The Facebook Post

The power of human spirit and creativity always amazes me.

Especially in these unpredictable times.

Just before we hit lock down I had a gig on Sunday which was one of those gigs where I remembered why I play music and do what I do.

3 or 4 years back a good mate of mine Nick Ingram decided to fly the London nest and start a new life up North in Leeds.

He’d sung in my band Metropolis for last 7 or 8 years… 

He had the balls to sell up, move 200 miles, throw caution to wind to see what happened.

A couple of years back he had got approached to start an amateur choir.

What unravelled is nothing short of remarkable.

Last Sunday he booked the Victoria Theatre in Halifax and put on a full scale concert with over 250 singers.

The energy was quite amazing.

However what was striking, it was clear each singer had their own story why they were there and clearly singing in the ‘Voices of Yorkshire’ was something they cared deeply about.

It struck me how powerful music is and how something like that can start off as tiny seed and grow into something incredible… especially with the hard work, drive and talent of a guy like Nick at the helm

Nick With The Metropolis Show Band

Nick & The Metropolis Party Band

What’s more it struck me how music creates friendships.

What a privilege to witness first hand the great things your friends achieve.

Plus it’s not everyday as a bass player one gets to play with such a vast choir!

There are so many lessons in Sunday’s experience…

…from taking a chance and moving to the other side of the country… to the power of music and watching how it unites people and creates deep, meaningful friendships.

I’ve found it’s easy to forget this stuff especially having played the bass for a living for so many years.

It’s great to revisit the feelings and emotions which inspired me to want to play the bass in the first place.

We’re currently in the process of moving house to the New Forest in the next few weeks and watching what Nick has achieved since making such a life changing move is massively inspirational and excites me about the future.

Well done Nick - you’ve achieve something extraordinary. 

Video From The Bass Chair

Here are a small selection of videos shot from the iPhone from the concert with the Voices of Yorkshire.

To put the show together we wrote our the charts at home, rehearsed each song once on the Sunday morning and played the gig in the afternoon.

So what you're seeing below is exactly how it happened! 🙂

I hope your enjoy it.

To music and all the wonderful memories and feelings it creates.


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