5 Blues Riffs To Master The Fretboard – YT198

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Hey, James here…

At the time of writing this email...I’m just about to dash off for the weekend to take my 3 year old son Oliver (pictured below with his ‘tar) to visit my parents…

...so I’m going to keep this email short and sweet as I’ve got a lot of packing to do!

A couple of weeks back we released a lesson called ‘Master The Fingerboard With These 5 Shapes’

These lessons have been SUPER popular.

Now These 5 shapes all connect to a really important scale called the Minor Pentatonic.

Shortly after we released the lesson a long time eBassGuitar student called Nora asked me the question... Do these 5 shapes also exist with the Major Pentatonic scale too?

Yes absolutely.

AND here’s the hack… they are exactly the same!

I’ll show you how that works in this lesson and also teach 5 Blues riffs so you can learn the patterns.

Also, don’t forget to answer the question a minute or so into the lesson in the comments below the video… I’ve got something important I need to ask you 😉

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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