YT255 – The Funkiest Bass Hack Ever (Anyone Can Do This!)

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Hey, James here!

Today's lesson is inspired by a little short video that I put out on YouTube shorts called "Chromatic Funk Jam".  This video has been watched hundreds of times and a bunch of people have been asking me to show you how to play this groove. It's a super cool groove that I'm sure you can wrap your fingers around pretty quickly! It has this one trick in it that I learned from John Patatucci back in the 90's which any of you guys can play.

This is a two-bar bass riff in the key of A minor. I've taken the bass groove that I was jamming to on the YouTube shorts video and distilled it down into two bars. Once you learn this two-bar foundation, you can then start breaking out of it.

Before I show you how to play this bass riff, there are 4 key techniques that I want you to look out for in this bass line: (1) octaves, (2) dead notes, (3) chromatics, (4) the John Patatucci-esque shake.

Watch the video above for the step-by-step demo on this super funky bass line!

I'll see you in the next video!


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