British Bass Player Reacts: Pino Palladino on Get Here by Oleta Adams – YT202

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Hey, James here…

So guys… I’ve gotta know how are you enjoying our ‘Reacts & Analyses’ series where I take apart some of the greatest bass lines in the world?

Good I hope… I’m having an ABSOLUTE blast.

Every so often a bass player comes along and turns electric bass playing upside down.

A chap from Wales did that in the 1980s using the Fretless bass and has then reinvented himself multiple times over.

Not many people have played with artists from Paul Young to D’angelo , John Mayer to The Who…

This week I’m going to take apart one of my all time favourite Pino Palladino Fretless bass lines from the 80s.. Get Here By Oleta Adams

Pino is absolutely masterful on this track and I’ll show you why...

Also… if you’re enjoying this series make sure you let me know in the comments what other tracks you’d like to see me take apart - I’d love to know.

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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