Common Chord Progressions Every Beginner Should Know – YT188

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Hey, James here…

Last week we released a lesson showing you how learning just 4 chords is the basis of hundreds of songs.

This video has been viewed literally thousands upon thousands times now…

… and it got me thinking over the last 20 years of paying my mortgage as a full time bassist there are a handful of chord sequences that I've seen time and time again.

I would estimate that 70 - 80% of pop, rock and commercial music is made up of a relatively small group of common chord progressions.

What’s more, once you understand the simple principles behind how these chord sequences work, other chord sequences are straightforward to figure out.

So in this week’s lesson I’ve made you a video lesson to take you through.

So click the video above and make sure you let me know how you get on in the comments below the video!

Also… if you’re a Bass Lab PLUS Member you can all over the backing tracks for the lesson inside the Backing Track Vault inside the Bass Lab PLUS

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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