Gerry Johnson Bass Student

Gerry Johnson’s Student Success Story

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Here at eBassGuitar we're lucky enough to witness fantastic results from our students on a regular basis. 

Meet Gerry who started playing bass guitar just 4 months ago (having never played before), read his story and watch the video of him playing to discover how much he's achieved using just the Bass Lab PLUS Program.

Gerry Johnson Bass Student

What's your name, where are you from and how long have you been playing the bass guitar?

My name is Gerald Johnson and I am from Rockfish, North Carolina.  I have been playing bass for roughly four months.

Have you taken any bass guitar lessons before?

Before I found BassLab Plus I attempted another online training course but quickly became frustrated due to a lack of structure for beginning bass players.

When & What made you join The Bass Lab PLUS?

I became so overwhelmed and discouraged with the other course I attempted that I almost quit playing bass altogether.  I saw a video of James teaching online and decided to give it one last shot.

What results have you seen since becoming a member of the Bass Lab PLUS?

Knowledge of the fretboard, rhythmic timing, alternate plucking, proper hand placement, along with scales, improved sight reading, music terminology, improvising bass lines, a plethora of songs, and most importantly how to have fun while learning.

What has been your favourite course so far in the Bass Lab PLUS?

Each one has had its place in my development. But I would have to say the Rookie Blues Bass Intensive was the most beneficial due to its structured progression--each class leading to the next and before you know it you’re jamming to some really fun backing tracks.  

Along the way you are learning structure, notes and how it all fits together. This course set the progression for my learning.  In fact it was so beneficial that I plan to go back over it and pick up anything I may have missed the first time around (which is a great benefit of having online classes that are always available whenever you want them).  

But I also enjoyed the 30 Day Killer Rock Riffs, the monthly live classes, and one-off YouTube videos teaching individual songs.

What have your friends, family or band buddies had to say about your progress on the bass guitar?

My friends and family are impressed with the progress I have made in such a short period of time. Being able to play songs in front of them is great fun. 

My wife has stated numerous times how far I have come from my first struggled notes, to now being able to play along with backing tracks.  In fact, she says she enjoys sitting in the yard with a glass of wine listening to me jam—as if she is at an outdoor festival.  In addition, my peers have also noticed an improvement in my skills.

What are you looking to achieve on the bass over the next 6 months?

Fluency, with more knowledge of the fretboard and understanding of scales, building on technique and timing, and improvising bass lines. 

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining The Bass Lab

James gives you the tools you need, right at your fingertips, but like any course you must be willing to put in the homework.  I would highly recommend Bass Lab Plus to any bass player that is ready to take their learning into some real world training.

The classes go straight to the core of what the student needs to get playing quickly and understanding the bass and its role within a band. Bass Lab Plus is without a shadow of a doubt the best opportunity to hit the ground running at a personalized pace.

It is the GO TO course for beginners.

Watch Gerry Play White Room by Cream

Last of all you need to hear Gerry play!

After 4 months of playing this is Gerry playing White Room which we covered in the Live Monthly Song Analyse workshop in June 2019. The video tutorial and workbook is ready and waiting inside the Bass Lab PLUS.

Amazing progress from a standing start... I'm sure you agree!

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