YT077 – 5 Tips To Finally Understand Music Theory

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Hey, James here…

Music Theory is a subject that confuses the heck out of most bass players.

Even me at times!

After 15 years playing the bass for a living I deduced there are two types of Music Theory

  • ‘Must Know’ Music Theory

  • ‘Nice To Know’ Music Theory

The first option is ‘mission critical’... and my personal mission is to make sure you understand the theory that matters for us bass players.

If music theory just leaves you feeling foggy and like a subject you’ll never quite wrap your head around, in today’s lesson I want to share 5 simple simple tips that will allow you to finally start understanding music theory.

Make sure you grab the FREE cheat sheet that comes with the lesson too 😉

I’m going to have another super useful music theory related blog for you in a couple of days… so watch this space!

As always, keep groovin’ hard